We have made a few bug fixes to our iPad app. What’s new in version 1.5.1:

  • Enhancements to image annotation and multi-page PDF annotation.
  • Change cancel button during grading process to not remove annotations.

And as a reminder, version 1.5 was a huge release for us, here’s changes since v1.5:

  • eBackpack annotations for students and teachers!
  • Annotation of documents (PDF, DOC, images, and more!) in the eBackpack app.
  • Draw or highlight with your finger in multiple colors and sizes. Zoom in for finer detail.
  • Teachers can annotate during grading and send feedback to students.
  • Take notes on documents or assignments and save to your My Files area or share with a class.
  • Students can annotate and save, turn in, or revise!

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