eBackpack is pleased to announce the addition of our updated iPad and iPhone app for iOS.  The update is available in the App Store…

Learn more in our What’s New in v1.7 guide:  (view our Quick Start Guides).

What’s New in v1.7?

  • Updated design!
  • Global “Add” Button on the “home” screen offers a shortcut to adding Folders, Assignments, Videos, and Files without having to navigate through several pages.
  • Assignment Settings menu includes the ability to move, delete, and copy folders for easy duplication of assignments across classes.
  • Users can now toggle between “Assignment Submissions” and “Assignment Materials” within an assignment folder making it easier to switch between materials handed out and what has been turned in.
  • Users now have the ability to film a video inside the app for upload.
  • When marking up a document, users have the ability to “Save As…” to rename the file.
  • Video can now be attached as part of an assessment.
  • When opening documents from third party applications into eBackpack, users will now see a new folder called “Current Assignments” offering simple navigation to post assignments, access drop boxes, and return files to individual students.
  • Drag and drop within the app for files and folders in the same folder listing is now available. This feature gives the option to move OR copy.
  • For files and folders not in the same folder listing, the “wrench” icon offers the move and copy options too.

As always, we welcome your feedback!