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eBackpack is happy to announce that we now offer lockdown testing mode on iOS devices for FREE! Autonomous Single App Mode, or ASAM, prevents students from using any outside sources while taking assessments on eBackpack through the iOS device, for free. eBackpack has offered this handy service previously through the web (Learn More or Get Started), but we have now expanded to iOS devices. This makes taking assessments at home or in the classroom much more secure and user friendly. Educators can rest easy knowing that their students are not able to exit the assessment mode while taking exams.

Here are a list of the key features the ASAM lockdown mode features when taking assessments with eBackpack.

  • Lockdown mode prevents students from entering other sites or apps while taking assessments.  (It locks them in)
  • If a student exits an assessment while taking it, the assessment is submitted as complete.
  • The assessment distributor can see when the student entered and exited the assessment.
  • Lockdown mode of the assessment begins as soon as the student enters the exam.

Learn more about getting your iOS device ready for lockdown testing with eBackpack.

Configure your assessment for lockdown testing.