Saint Thomas Aquinas High School gets creative with eBackpack

The Director of Technology at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Louisiana had such great success in implementing eBackpack that two neighboring schools “borrowed” his knowledge and skill-set to help their 1:1 iPad launches. He credits the initiative’s success to the ability to engage students from our media-rich culture through the powerful creative potential harnessed by eBackpack on the iPad. Teachers are able to create and grade assignments within one application and students can use the iPad as a “means of creative expression” transitioning the iPad past “glorified notebook” status. eBackpack is a far cry from the initial paperless strategy which required the use of limited sized emails making it hard for students to submit photo and video assignments, and even more challenging for teachers to grade student work. The director advises all schools in a 1:1 program get a demo and try eBackpack to receive the highest of quality product and service.

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Goodland, KS schools engage students with eBackpack’s technology

The Director of Technology in Goodland, KS found that with the help of eBackpack, his students are more engaged and ready to learn. He was intent on providing a technology solution that made work “faster, easier, and more efficient,” not just a piece of technology for the sake of technology. eBackpack provides a product that effectively allows teachers and students to more readily achieve their goal of learning with an easy-to-use interface that does not entirely change the way teachers teach. Additionally, the director praises eBackpack’s customer responsiveness as evidenced by constant upgrades to the program per user feedback. For example, just months after making a request for in-app annotations, eBackpack launched its Mark-It feature that the teachers immediately loved! Are you looking for an easy-to-use and customer-responsive paperless solution? Look no further than eBackpack!

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Green Brook Takes Advantage of eBackpack’s Cloud Storage

For Green Brook Township Public Schools in New Jersey, eBackpack has helped transform many classrooms to better reflect productivity in the real world. As files are accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity, students and teachers can complete work from any location when they are ready and willing to work, much like a modern work environment. Even the school board uses eBackpack as means of distributing documents for meetings! All eBackpack users in Green Brook learned the power of cloud storage when their local files were lost, but those who had stored files within eBackpack were saved. Additionally, the staff and students have a growing affinity for eBackpack as it is simple to use, and many classes have gone paperless using the assignment exchange capabilities of the application. Are you ready to challenge your staff and students to join the cloud and go paperless?

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eBackpack helps Manhattan Beach USD make technology a daily event

A teacher on a mission to bring Manhattan Beach Unified School District into the 21st century found eBackpack to be the perfect fit for their very diverse iPad program. The district has a variety of technology approaches including BYOD, 24/7 1:1, class carts, and class 1:1 iPads and they found eBackpack’s paperless assignment exchange to be the most user friendly and efficient program in which teachers could easily share assignments with classes, have students complete said assignments, and then teachers grade and return the work-at any time of day. Not only is eBackpack intuitive enough for the students to easily demonstrate the program to visitors, but the teachers have found the eBackpack’s staff very supportive and responsive to suggestions-further validating their decision to use eBackpack. Manhattan Beach’s has found that eBackpack has been integral in providing opportunities to prepare their students for the 21st century by making technology use a daily event. Are you ready to see what eBackpack can do for you?

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Webb School of Knoxville is paperless with eBackpack

The technology coordinator at Webb School of Knoxville knew that to embrace the ever-expanding role of technology in the classroom meant that she must find an easy assignment flow for the 1:1 iPad program in grades 4-12. The school quickly found that email was not an effective means of distributing and collecting assignments, especially not photo and video submissions. Enter eBackpack. Teachers of all technology levels quickly adopted eBackpack as their primary means of paperless assignment exchange on both laptops and iPads. The ability to increase the paperless environment has significantly reduced the cost of printing, almost enough to cover the cost per student! The director encourages any schools using iPads to try eBackpack stating that the amount of time and resources saved far outweigh the costs and time to set it up. Are you looking for an easy way to go paperless in your classroom on any device?

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