New and Improved Calendar Icons!

Have a lot of items on your eBackpack calendar and can’t distinguish which is a reminder and which is an assignment? Now there is an easier way to see the difference between which items are class vs personal reminders, items that allow turn in and those that do not!

Reminders are represented by a calendar/pencil icon overlay. You will still be able to see the class icon that the reminder is associated with and/or the icon that represents a personal reminder.

Assignments and quizzes that do not allow turn in will be represented by the “no” icon overlay, which is a circle with a diagonal slash.

Assignments and quizzes that do accept turn in are represented with no additional icon overlay.

Now you can be more organized with a quick glance at your calendar in eBackpack!

Duplicating Quiz Questions in eBackpack!

Here at eBackpack, we love quizzes (tests, and assessments) just as much as teachers do! We heard your requests and we’ve come through with an easy feature that you will love.

We know that some quizzes require multiple questions that are the same or very similar in content, whether it’s the question or the answers. Now teachers can duplicate question in eBackpack with just a click of a button!

Once you have your questions added, simply select the duplicate icon that looks like two pages:

Selecting this button will instantly create a duplicate of that question directly under the original!

What about the answers?

All content inside the question is copied as well – this includes point values, images, options, extra credit, and the answers! You can edit the question and update it with ease!

Have fun!

Calendar Drag & Drop

The new school year comes with new features!

Teachers love having a calendar full of assignments, but did you know that changing the assignment due date on our new calendar is just a “Click, Drag and Drop” away?!

Changing the assignment due date has never been simpler – it’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

checkmark Select the assignment you want to change the due date of

checkmarkDrag the selected assignment to the desired day on the calendar

checkmarkRelease the mouse click to see the assignment in the newly selected date


Using the drag and drop features will automatically update the assignments due date for you. No more going to the assignment settings to change the due date!

Wait, there is more…

You can change the due time by accessing the day view on your calendar!

Stay tuned for more back to school updates coming soon…

eBackpack + Gradebook, We Have it All!

While you were all away for Spring Break, enjoying your much needed R and R, we were plugging away at a much needed addition to the eBackpack LMS. We have added a gradebook to our program! With the eBackpack gradebook addition, teachers are able to do it all in one program.

The introduction of the eBackpack gradebook means that teachers are now able to create assignments and assessments, distribute the work, grade the completed product, and store the accumulation of student grades all in one secure place! Like the many other offerings from eBackpack’s LMS, the gradebook is of highest quality, and has been built for the users to access easily and smoothly. Currently we are only set up for teachers to have access to the eBackpack gradebook functionality.

It gets even better – did you know we integrate with Skyward and Powerschool too?  Grades are automatically pushed to their gradebooks!

Want to check it out?  Click on one of your classes on the website and then choose the “Gradebook & Standards Report”.  Gradebook is right at the top!  You can even add assignments that aren’t in eBackpack to the gradebook!

Please join us for a brief webinar, Friday, March 25th at 3 pm CST. We will be navigating through the new gradebook, and offering tips and tricks!

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Assessments with eBackpack

In today’s educational environment of standardized testing it is vital that schools and districts be capable of giving assessments that are flexible and effective to ensure that students are progressing towards their academic goals. eBackpack offers a world of possibilities for quizzes and tests for every subject, class, and unit.


The ability to tag the appropriate state or academic standards to the assessment allows instructors to determine how students are progressing towards specific learning objectives. Regardless of the subject matter (even foreign language courses!), eBackpack is sure to have related state or academic standards available to you.


eBackpack makes it simple to create tests and quizzes with multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, completion/ fill in the blank, and essay/free form responses. You can create your own questions or import them from Examview as well as utilize rubrics to ensure that students know the criteria they have been graded upon.

Additionally, instructors can choose:

  • the number of allowed attempts
  • whether to shuffle the order of the questions
  • whether to revisit previous questions
  • whether students can skip questions without answering
  • when to provide grades and feedback
  • whether to use Safe Exam Browser (Learn More!

Tests and quizzes can be challenging, but they should never be difficult to administer. eBackpack is making it quick, simple, and effective to assess the areas that your students are struggling or excelling in – try it out! 


P.S. Share your favorite assessment function or tool on Twitter and you just might win a t-shirt or stylus!  

Math + eBackpack = Awesome

eBackpack has added support for math equations! If you add TeX or ASCII Math strings into the assignment or assessment instructions box, or into assessment questions, answers, or feedback, they will be rendered as math equations when saved.

English please? TeX and ASCII are document markup languages. TeX takes plain text and turns it into formatted text (i.e., a few letters and symbols transform into a math symbol). Most math textbooks include the text needed to create the correct math equations; eBackpack can now support those symbols on assignments & assessments on the web as well as assessments on iOS. Mobile support for equations in assignment instructions will be coming soon.


For TeX support, surround text with $$

  • Example equation: $${x = \frac{{ – b \pm \sqrt {b^2 – 4ac} }}{{2a}}}$$

For ASCII Math support, surround text with “

  • Example equation: “x = (-b +- sqrt(b^2 – 4ac)) / (2a)“

Check out our knowledge base article to learn more!