Duplicating Quiz Questions in eBackpack!

Here at eBackpack, we love quizzes (tests, and assessments) just as much as teachers do! We heard your requests and we’ve come through with an easy feature that you will love.

We know that some quizzes require multiple questions that are the same or very similar in content, whether it’s the question or the answers. Now teachers can duplicate question in eBackpack with just a click of a button!

Once you have your questions added, simply select the duplicate icon that looks like two pages:

Selecting this button will instantly create a duplicate of that question directly under the original!

What about the answers?

All content inside the question is copied as well – this includes point values, images, options, extra credit, and the answers! You can edit the question and update it with ease!

Have fun!

New Navigation Toolbar

Get tired of scrolling through the folder tree to access Classes & Groups, E-Portfolio and the Trash? We have heard your cries!

While you’ve been out for the summer, we have been busy making some changes to our interface!  You can now access your classes, E-Portfolio, My Files, Trash and much more through our new navigation toolbar!

Simply click on the category and select the location you want to navigate to! You now have quick access to the class settings, standards and gradebook from the home screen.

But don’t worry, the folder tree is not going anywhere, just yet!  This is just a sneak peek into the new and improved eBackpack!

eBackpack + Gradebook, We Have it All!

While you were all away for Spring Break, enjoying your much needed R and R, we were plugging away at a much needed addition to the eBackpack LMS. We have added a gradebook to our program! With the eBackpack gradebook addition, teachers are able to do it all in one program.

The introduction of the eBackpack gradebook means that teachers are now able to create assignments and assessments, distribute the work, grade the completed product, and store the accumulation of student grades all in one secure place! Like the many other offerings from eBackpack’s LMS, the gradebook is of highest quality, and has been built for the users to access easily and smoothly. Currently we are only set up for teachers to have access to the eBackpack gradebook functionality.

It gets even better – did you know we integrate with Skyward and Powerschool too?  Grades are automatically pushed to their gradebooks!

Want to check it out?  Click on one of your classes on the website and then choose the “Gradebook & Standards Report”.  Gradebook is right at the top!  You can even add assignments that aren’t in eBackpack to the gradebook!

Please join us for a brief webinar, Friday, March 25th at 3 pm CST. We will be navigating through the new gradebook, and offering tips and tricks!

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Lockdown Mode Available on iOS

eBackpack is happy to announce that we now offer lockdown testing mode on iOS devices for FREE! Autonomous Single App Mode, or ASAM, prevents students from using any outside sources while taking assessments on eBackpack through the iOS device, for free. eBackpack has offered this handy service previously through the web (Learn More or Get Started), but we have now expanded to iOS devices. This makes taking assessments at home or in the classroom much more secure and user friendly. Educators can rest easy knowing that their students are not able to exit the assessment mode while taking exams.

Here are a list of the key features the ASAM lockdown mode features when taking assessments with eBackpack.

  • Lockdown mode prevents students from entering other sites or apps while taking assessments.  (It locks them in)
  • If a student exits an assessment while taking it, the assessment is submitted as complete.
  • The assessment distributor can see when the student entered and exited the assessment.
  • Lockdown mode of the assessment begins as soon as the student enters the exam.

Learn more about getting your iOS device ready for lockdown testing with eBackpack.

Configure your assessment for lockdown testing.

All Parents Allowed

What was the last big investment you made? Our guess is, sending your child to school this morning. Everyday that your student is indulged in the education process, you are a shareholder in their future success. That investment is starting to look better and better, right? What if we told you that we have a way to help you better your investment, and stay one step ahead of the “stock market” that is the education system?

A study done through EdSource shows that students whose parents are involved in their learning process and schooling, have a higher rate of graduation as well as GPA. “Researchers relying on data from the National Educational Longitudinal Study on more than 10,000 12th graders found that students whose parents ‘promoted academic achievement’ scored better on academic tests. These parents checked homework, attended school meetings and events, and discussed school programs, classes and activities with their children.”¹ At eBackpack, we offer an essential way to keep parents involved and up-to-date on their students progress.

eBackpack is one of the only learning management system platforms that offers this valuable tool, to ensure your students academic excellence. With the app, you will have the capability to see all of your students open assignments, assessments, and tasks. When the student turns in the project, you will be notified instantaneously. If the student fails to hand in their work, and it goes to past due, you will likewise be notified. By using the eBackpack Parents App on your iOS device or Android, you will have access to your students assignments, scores, and tasks at the tips of your fingers!

¹Cited from EdSource in association with New America Media, report 2014. The Power of Parents