New and Improved Calendar Icons!

Have a lot of items on your eBackpack calendar and can’t distinguish which is a reminder and which is an assignment? Now there is an easier way to see the difference between which items are class vs personal reminders, items that allow turn in and those that do not!

Reminders are represented by a calendar/pencil icon overlay. You will still be able to see the class icon that the reminder is associated with and/or the icon that represents a personal reminder.

Assignments and quizzes that do not allow turn in will be represented by the “no” icon overlay, which is a circle with a diagonal slash.

Assignments and quizzes that do accept turn in are represented with no additional icon overlay.

Now you can be more organized with a quick glance at your calendar in eBackpack!

Duplicating Quiz Questions in eBackpack!

Here at eBackpack, we love quizzes (tests, and assessments) just as much as teachers do! We heard your requests and we’ve come through with an easy feature that you will love.

We know that some quizzes require multiple questions that are the same or very similar in content, whether it’s the question or the answers. Now teachers can duplicate question in eBackpack with just a click of a button!

Once you have your questions added, simply select the duplicate icon that looks like two pages:

Selecting this button will instantly create a duplicate of that question directly under the original!

What about the answers?

All content inside the question is copied as well – this includes point values, images, options, extra credit, and the answers! You can edit the question and update it with ease!

Have fun!

Assessments with eBackpack

In today’s educational environment of standardized testing it is vital that schools and districts be capable of giving assessments that are flexible and effective to ensure that students are progressing towards their academic goals. eBackpack offers a world of possibilities for quizzes and tests for every subject, class, and unit.


The ability to tag the appropriate state or academic standards to the assessment allows instructors to determine how students are progressing towards specific learning objectives. Regardless of the subject matter (even foreign language courses!), eBackpack is sure to have related state or academic standards available to you.


eBackpack makes it simple to create tests and quizzes with multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, completion/ fill in the blank, and essay/free form responses. You can create your own questions or import them from Examview as well as utilize rubrics to ensure that students know the criteria they have been graded upon.

Additionally, instructors can choose:

  • the number of allowed attempts
  • whether to shuffle the order of the questions
  • whether to revisit previous questions
  • whether students can skip questions without answering
  • when to provide grades and feedback
  • whether to use Safe Exam Browser (Learn More!

Tests and quizzes can be challenging, but they should never be difficult to administer. eBackpack is making it quick, simple, and effective to assess the areas that your students are struggling or excelling in – try it out! 


P.S. Share your favorite assessment function or tool on Twitter and you just might win a t-shirt or stylus!  

Making the Impossible, Possible

Automated Offline Access on iOS

The eBackpack Team truly believes that educational technology can change the world. We are convinced that it can drive innovation and critical thinking, help build 21st century learners, and simplify some of the challenges of teaching and learning. However, to achieve this kind of transformation it’s vital that we make it as accessible as possible.

For the many students who live in rural areas, lack internet access at home, or simply don’t have a strong Wi-Fi connection, digital devices and technology can seem like a barrier to completing work and excelling in school.  This is where automated offline access become so critical. eBackpack will now mark items for offline access on iOS according to the following schedule: For Group Admins (teachers), eBackpack will automatically add an assignment to the Offline List when the assignment is awaiting review and current or past due by less than 14 days.  An assignment will be automatically removed from the Offline List when:

      • 0 items awaiting review or past due by more than 14 days, or
      • Assignment has been archived

For Group Members (students), eBackpack will automatically add an assignment to the Offline List when the assignment is not complete and is due in the next 5 days. The assignment will be automatically removed from the Offline List when:

      • Marked as Complete, or
      • Past due by more than 2 days, or
      • Assignment has been archived

Users can still mark things offline manually, this feature simply streamlines the process. Offline access essentially downloads the assignments for you and holds it in storage. You can complete an assignment, grade work, or study offline and any changes you make will stay in the same storage space and automatically upload when you have an internet connection.   Worried about space?  In all cases we limit it to no more than 300 files – which is generally under 300 MB in your normal use situation.  In the case of students – it will usually be about 30 files or 30 MB.  What a huge experience win for so little space! Just one more way the eBackpack team is striving to make this the best learning management system for students and teachers! 

Did Someone Say Rubrics?

Grading just got easier with rubrics from eBackpack! When creating an assignment, teachers can easily compile a rubric with state standard objectives or their own criteria. It takes just a few clicks and provides clarity for students on the areas where they excel and the areas in which they need improvement. The rubrics can be shown while grading and teachers can leave feedback on individual criteria items.

We’ve created a Knowledge Base article to help you get up and running with this great new feature!

Post a picture on Twitter (@eBackpack) of an assignment with rubrics and you just might win an eBackpack t-shirt or stylus! We can’t wait to see how you utilize this grading tool in your classrooms!

P.S. Rubrics coming to mobile devices in a future update.

Let eBackpack Organize Your Paperwork

You are all familiar with the traditional use of assignment exchange and our new assessment capabilities, but have you considered how eBackpack can help eliminate a whole host of paperwork? When you put aside the notion that an eBackpack assignment must be used for standard assignments, a whole host of possibilities emerges!

eBackpack is the perfect vector to organize and streamline all paperflow between you and your students. Check out some of our creative ideas below!

Discipline/Late Work Forms

Many teachers have had the facepalm moment in which she sorts through a file folder of discipline forms only to discover that little Jimmy earned detention but she lost the slip of paper. The eBackpack quick fix is to share your discipline form as an assignment due at the end of the school year. With each offense, have your students fill out and  submit a form so that you will easily know how many forms have been submitted for each student! This is great for parent conferences as well! Use the same procedure for late work forms.

Permission Slips

As field trip season rolls in so does the dreaded task of disbursing and collecting permission slips. Inevitably, a quarter of the students misplace the form and another third come in with spilled juice or coffee stains-though there are the token forms that haven’t a wrinkle. When trip day comes, you lug your folder of crinkled, ripped, and stained papers onto the bus in the event that you need documentation or proof that the student should be on the trip. Use eBackpack to distribute and collect your permission forms to prevent loss, destruction, and a cumbersome folder. The day of the trip will be so much simpler when you open the eBackpack app on your phone to view the list of students who should not be stowaways on the bus!

Student Information/Interest Forms

Chances are that in the first days of school you have your students fill out a paper or index card with parent contact information, schedule, likes, dislikes, etc. Those papers then get filed away in a notebook, alphabetically for the organizational pros, and often collect dust or get torn as the year goes on. The eBackpack alternative is a document that eBackpack will store and organize for you without the need for yet another 3 ring binder!

Back to School Documentation

The piles of papers teachers accumulate at the beginning of the year can seem insurmountable. There are the class policy acknowledgements, syllabi, safety contracts in science, etc. After receiving these documents, teachers are faced with the daunting task of sorting, filing, and tracking down missing papers. With eBackpack you can create an assignment for each of these documents and let us sort, file, and provide you a quick list of missing forms!

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