Reminders & Announcements Added!

The most requested feature is now here! Add a reminder, link some resources, and go! Think of it as a reminder, announcement, or todo – nothing to turn in but quickly get the message out! Now you can easily send out reminders for your classes (or create your own reminders) too!

Students can even create their own reminders and use eBackpack as their personal planner!

Check out the Knowledge Base article and Video Tutorial for more information!

Built-In Plagiarism & Similarity Detection

Fully Integrated into eBackpack – scan submissions automatically against the internet of resources! Detect similarity, see the sources, and more! eBackpack’s similarity detection even scans our text annotations! Contact us to try it out and add this amazing feature to your account today!

Learn more in this video tutorial and knowledge base article.

Ready, Set, Grade (Discussions)!

Want to give your students’ a grade based on their discussion participation? Now you can in eBackpack! It’s just as simple as adding an assignment! Easily add a discussion folder to your class and grade the students’ comments using the grade and review flow.

We’ve created a Knowledge Base article and video tutorial to help you get up and running with this great new feature!

The eBackpack Parent Calendar got a face-lift!

Parents’ wanted a calendar similar to their student’s and now they have one! The parent portal calendar now looks and works the same as the student and teacher calendar with a Monday thru Friday view that is scroll-able to view items from previous or future weeks. With a quick glance parents can see any past or upcoming homework assignments. Items on the calendar such as class and personal reminders, assignments, quizzes, and discussions are click-able and navigate directly to that item’s detail page.

Past Due items and items that were completed after the due date will show a red vertical indicator to the left of the class icon. Items that are due today or the following day will show a yellow indicator and items that are due after 24 hours will have a green indicator. Items that have a grey indicator do not accepts turn ins or have been marked as complete by the student.

All items will have a class icon, that is set by the teacher, and will be in the color that is set by the student. Reminders will have a calendar overlay on the class icon if it was created by the teacher and will have the calendar overlay over a person icon if it was created by the student. This is a great way to see which personal reminders your child has put on their own calendar. Parents will also be able to see quickly if an assignment/quiz allows turn ins – items that do not allow turn in will have the “no” icon overlay (circle with diagonal slash).