New and Improved Calendar Icons!

Have a lot of items on your eBackpack calendar and can’t distinguish which is a reminder and which is an assignment? Now there is an easier way to see the difference between which items are class vs personal reminders, items that allow turn in and those that do not!

Reminders are represented by a calendar/pencil icon overlay. You will still be able to see the class icon that the reminder is associated with and/or the icon that represents a personal reminder.

Assignments and quizzes that do not allow turn in will be represented by the “no” icon overlay, which is a circle with a diagonal slash.

Assignments and quizzes that do accept turn in are represented with no additional icon overlay.

Now you can be more organized with a quick glance at your calendar in eBackpack!

Create brand new editable documents in our Windows 8 app!

Did you know that eBackpack has a PDF creator available in our Windows 8 app?! Without uploading a single file, teachers and students can easily add single or multi-page documents with five different paper options: blank page, graph paper, college ruled, wide ruled, or music staff!

Use all of our great Mark-It features and create brand new PDF documents inside our app (* Windows 8 specific options):

  • Pencil: use your finger or mouse to write free hand on the document
  • Text box: drop in text anywhere on the page
  • Shapes: add squares, circles, lines, or arrows
  • Stamps: use one of our pre-made stamps or customize your own
  • Pictures: snap a picture or upload an image from your device
  • *Audio*: record new audio clips or use files from your device
  • *Video*: capture new video or upload from your device


*Coming to our other eBackpack platforms soon! 

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