Please note for the 2015 funding year website hosting services are no longer eligible through E-Rate.

eBackpack is a Priority 1 eligible service through “E-Rate”. The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, commonly known as “E-Rate,” is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and provides discounts to assist most schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.  eBackpack is 87% eligible for its website hosting base service, iPad module, and PC/Mac integration module.  eBackpack went through a review with the E-Rate Eligible Services team and has written confirmation of its eligibility from USAC. While USAC has put program changes in place through their eligible services list, they have also confirmed that they are not changing the program rules.  Accordingly, we believe the eligibility review for eBackpack would still be valid.  However, this is a government program with USAC responsible for determining their own processes and final determinations are not in our control. 

Please note that for 2014, USAC has stated through their eligible services list that only one vendor may be chosen in the web hosting category and the vendor must run your website.  Check out eBackpack’s website hosting capabilities to extend eBackpack to your community and ensure compliance with the program.

Step 1: File your 470

For your 470…. request for services (like eBackpack) AND BY The Funding Year Filing Deadline
Internet Access
Item 13: Indicate if multi-year or voluntary extensions are accepted.
Service Description: Web Hosting with homework dropbox, grading, viewing, discussions, parent connection, and messaging
Quantity: X students and Y teachers at Z schools with iPad and PC/Mac integration modules (adjust numbers and modules appropriately)

Step 2: (after 28 day mandatory wait AND by the 471 Filing Deadline) – Execute Contract Agreement with eBackpack
You will then need to sign a contract with eBackpack before you file the form 471. The 471 will have all of the services you’ve chosen to implement from the proposal.

Step 3: File your form 471 and Item 21 Attachment
For your 471
Block 5 will have the detail on what will be done.
eBackpack’s SPIN is: 143035077

As a reminder, filing a 471 is a contractual acceptance of the eBackpack Terms & Conditions that state that all sales are final.  eBackpack will support the administrative appeal process but schools are ultimately responsible for the full purchase price of eBackpack services based on the eBackpack quotes provided.

Sample Item 21 Description of Internet Access Services
Web Hosting Services (Eligible portion)
eBackpack provides password-protected pages and interactive communication features to facilitate real-time interactive communication in a school environment and with parents. All content is published and managed by the customer.

Ineligible portion
Personal file storage of end-user files and firewall services.

Step 4: Begin Service and File form 486
File Form 486 (July 1) to acknowledge service has begun and starts disbursement. You would list eBackpack on form 486, block 3.