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Get the most out of your favorite Google Apps.

Built for Chromebooks. Access eBackpack and work from a web browser on any device, or via our native Apps on Chromebooks, iOS, MacOS, Windows, or Android.

Students submit Google Drive files. Students can submit files from their Google Drive with an easy click of a button.

Annotate your Google Drive files. eBackpack’s MarkItTM tool allows teachers and students to annotate any file type.

Google Drive usage made simple. Integrate your Google Drive with eBackpack to access, edit, or work on any file.

Grade submissions of Google Drive files. Review and grade submissions with eBackpack’s gradebook. Auto-grading, rubrics, and more is available.

Analyze Google Drive files for plagiarism. eBackpack’s powerful plagiarism tool can auto-scan submissions and detect similarity and plagiarism in seconds.

Use standards when grading Google Drive files. Stick with the curriculum and make sure you align with the standards as you grade Google Drive file submissions.

Synchronize with your Google Calendar. Push all your events, reminders, quizzes, and assignments from eBackpack into your Google Calendar.