eBackpack, LLC Security Statement

eBackpack knows you expect the most when it comes to security and we exercise a number of techniques to secure your data and ensure it is always available when you need it. We regularly review our policies and practices and remain committed to protecting you against threats to our systems or your data. We will not disclose everything we do to keep you safe but we have included some of the measures we feel are important for our customers to know.

Application Security

  • All data accessed over your eBackpack URL (https://your-site.ebackpack.com) is sent over a secure SSL connection. We always make sure you access the application over this secured connection for any billing-related pages. If you use a custom domain, you may notice this seamless redirection to your eBackpack URL any time you are accessing your billing information.
  • eBackpack utilizes operating system functionality for its PC/MAC integration.  Accordingly, access is inherently secure with the exception of Windows XP.  eBackpack provides an alternative method for securing Windows XP network drive access at the customers option.
  • User passwords are stored in an encrypted format using an algorithm approved by the U.S. National Security Agency for government-classified “top secret” information. We recommend choosing secure passwords to prevent anyone from being able to guess it.
  • Communication with the eBackpack iPad app uses a secure SSL connection.

Protection from Data Loss

  • All of your data is stored on multiple servers that are always available to you through the eBackpack application. We have invested in our infrastructure to ensure that individual server failures do not affect your ability to access your data.
  • Data is mirrored and backed up to a secure off-site facility regularly.

Data Center Security

  • Our data centers manage physical security to their facilities, including the use of proximity card access and video surveillance throughout the premises.
  • We have DDOS mitigation in place at our data center.
  • All servers are powered by datacenter-grade UPS battery backup units and diesel backup generators with on-site fuel reserves in the event of a power outage.
  • A pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system snuffs out any fire before it can damage other servers and prevents water damage to surrounding units.

Extensive Logging and Reporting

  • All activity involving files in eBackpack is tracked and recorded. This information is available through reports in our user interface.

If you have any specific concerns, please contact us at eddie@ebackpack.com