Mobile Module (iPad)

The eBackpack iPad Module enhances the eBackpack experience on the iPad.  Users are able to work with their personal and class files on their iPad and provides complete iPad workflow.  Students can turn in assignments for their classes and teachers can pick up the student work for review – complete iPad classroom workflow. This module supports Open In… and WebDAV and provides access to our eBackpack iPad app.  The app allows complete workflow on the iPad and supports our in-app annotations.  The list of Apps that can work with eBackpack is constantly growing!  The eBackpack app provides two-way access to the camera roll and full Open In… from and to eBackpack.  Plus students and teachers can see current assignments, recently graded work, and grade work directly in the eBackpack app!

The eBackpack app supports annotating documents in the eBackpack iPad app (Learn More)!  This makes it easier than ever for teachers to grade work and send it back to students almost like they were writing on paper.  Students can use the in-app annotations to complete assignments and turn them in or take notes. An iPad training tutorial is available on our support site.

The eBackpack App is available through the Apple App Store.

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eBackpack has been fully tested * and works with the following apps, plus hundreds more are known to work.
    • Pages
    • Numbers
    • KeyNote
    • iMovie
    • Notability
    • iAnnotate
    • uPad
    • Puppet Pals
    • Doodle Buddy
    • Remarks
    • Noterize
    • Popplet
    • iBooks
    • GoodNotes
    • GoodReader
    • pdf-notes
    • Office² HD for iPad
    • DocAS
    • WebDAV Dav
    • Plus Hundreds More!

*The apps listed above have been tested and had a working workflow process with eBackpack at the time they were tested. Since the listed apps are all made by other companies, modifications to these programs may introduce bugs or other compatibility issues. eBackpack is unable to make any guarantees or representations that they work properly now or in the future. eBackpack is unable to test and review all apps and all releases and does not have any control over current or future functionality of other companies products. End customers should test and confirm the apps will meet their needs and should seek clarification on product issues with those apps from their respective companies.

The iPad / iPhone and iOS app is included with our mobile module.