PC/Mac Integration Module

eBackpack’s  PC/Mac Integration Module lets users work with eBackpack as a WebDAV server for connection from various clients such as their Mac or PC.  Please note various programs interact with WebDAV differently and should be fully tested on your end.  This module connects eBackpack as a drive on the computer, similar to the hard drive.  Now their personal and class files can be opened and copy/pasted directly to eBackpack on a computer.  Users can open, save, copy, move, and delete files and folders.  Each user will connect to eBackpack with their user name and password and will only see their own files and classes.  With eBackpack, students can turn in work to their teacher by saving their work to a class assignment folder.  Teachers can easily access all the turned in work for an assignment directly from the assignment folders on their computer.  This component allows for the normal classroom movement of files and information.  It is not for data import into eBackpack and traffic volume is therefore limited.

eBackpack Connect, our PC installer, is available at no charge with this module.  It can be installed individually or deployed through a silent install.