Website Hosting

Your website powered, managed, and administered through eBackpack!

The features you love extended to share information with your community.

District & School Websites

eBackpack provides a public facing website for your district and school powered off your eBackpack account.  Assign pages to different staff to manage and administer.  Share files like your handbook quickly and easily.  Control permissions, page order, and the content that is on your website!  eBackpack puts you in control of your school website!


Teacher Pages

eBackpack automatically builds teacher pages off your teacher profile and class profiles.  You maintain control over what shows up and can turn off teacher pages as well.  Share assignment calendars or don’t – it is up to you!


Your Public “eBackpack”

School policies, handbooks, permission slips, you name it!  Now you can leverage the capability of eBackpack to share information with your community.  Leverage the file management capabilities of eBackpack to quickly and easily share information.


News & Alerts

Share news, information, and alerts.  Easily notify everyone that school is canceled or that a holiday is coming up soon!  News and alerts make it easy to share important information quickly.


Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design!

eBackpack websites work in mobile and tablet browsers – create the site once and it adjusts to show nicely on your mobile device.


Integrated Single Sign-On (SSO)

One sign-on takes you into your eBackpack account to manage your website.  eBackpack can optionally integrate with Student Information Systems and LDAP to create a seamless user experience.


Full Control on the Content

You write and create all the content that shows up on your website.  You manage the links to external resources and system.  Enjoy knowing that you maintain full control.